2018-2020  Goals for  Mississippi Alpha Delta Kappa

During the 2018-2020 Biennium, we will share our Energy to Impact the World and Ignite Flames of Opportunity as we seek to “Bee” the Sunshine to the World. It is our goal to: 

Be a source of information and support to chapters to meet the ideals of   Alpha Delta Kappa at the State, Regional and International level.  


Be an encourager to members as chapters seek to achieve membership goals, to engage members in educational programs and to support professional achievements. 
Be an advocate for chapter members as they engage in altruistic opportunities  at the local, State, Regional and International level.  
Be a support to chapters by providing information to members of State, Regional and International opportunities for service and leadership. 
Be engaged with chapters to recognize scholarship and service and to share  opportunities available at State, Regional and International levels.  
Be informed about the needs of chapters and members, to share  opportunities to meet these needs through timely updates  

Busy Bee flying.jpg