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Mississippi Sisters support many Altruistic projects, but our state project is the Ronald McDonald House Charities. The state website is  to see the lastest news for any needs.  Remember that $8 pays for one night's stay at RMH. 

The following photos show donations to RMH brought to our Fun Day in March, 2019.

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The Longest Day

Our Team for the longest day is active so please go to the website and donate to our team: Alpha Delta Kappa Bee Strong Mississippi. We can organize a statewide activity or your chapter can sponsor one in your area. I have posted my request to Facebook, and have already received several donations for our team. You can donate online, or send a check to the Mississippi Alzheimer’s Association.

The website is: and look for my page or the team page. Let me know if your chapter is making plans for the longest day, either on June 21 or it can be before or after that date.   Updated totals 

Mississippi Sisters raised $1,453    Total from International - $110,363.48